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25-DSC_0240I miss my blog! It’s way too long since I last wrote something here. It was never meant to be this way. I’ve had ideas and thoughts and they’ve come and gone as I’ve failed to set aside the time to write them when they came.

Sometimes my critical mind takes over and dissects what I want to write too viciously before I’ve even begun. Sometimes there’s a bottleneck of ideas – too many things all demanding I find a way to say them Right Now, so that not one of them will come through clearly, without getting mixed up with the others. At other times I’ve spent time reading things that resonate profoundly with me, written by other people. When I want to articulate my own ideas I can’t untangle them from what other people have expressed, and it all gets too messy.

Mostly, this past year I have been sorely pressed for time, with my thinking tied up in my Master of Education (Social Ecology) degree. But here’s the thing: what I am studying demands that I also be writing and practising expressing my ideas. On one hand that is achieved through my assignments, but that also implies a particular kind of writing, which isn’t the same as the freedom of my blog.On the other hand, what I am studying ties in beautifully with everything that is most important to me regarding our relationship with our lovely planet and it’s important that I keep up the informal sharing and conversation that this blog gives me space for.

So, my hope is that this little piece will shift the logjam in my mind and allow a trickle of inspiration to flow through again. I need to write, I need to share, I need to keep telling anyone who reads this about the magic of nature, our place in nature, our place in our environment, how important it is, how important we are, how important YOU are, for we are, every one of us, bearers of the message that we have the capacity to be carers and healers and nurturers of nature and of each other.

~ by Dragonwyst on April 25, 2017.

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