The Five O’clock Seal

Kelp stalks sway in the low tide swell

Silhouetted dark in the silver sea.

I hear the crack of a gull-dropped shell

Sharp against the sibilant sigh

Of the swirls of salted waters by

The rocks at the edge of the sea.

There, at the rim of the black kelp crowd,

A kelp frond seems to scratch its nose

And slip away, when the rest have bowed

To the rhythm of the gentle tide,

Like mop-haired dancers side by side.

I watch as it quietly goes.

The sleek hide dips between the waves.

He twists with grace through the bubbles bright

And rises with the fish he craves.

He tosses it across the sea

Retrieving it with playful glee –

An aqua-batic delight!

And now the playing part is done.

He seems to lounge upon the sea,

Enjoys his meal, and then is gone.

And all I have is sunset sky

And silver sea and seagull cry

And homeward path for me.

( This poem was inspired by a seal I saw regularly in the late afternoon, when we lived near Fish Hoek in the Western Cape, RSA)

~ by Dragonwyst on October 17, 2012.

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